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Happily Ever After Faith Journal & Devotional

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

According to Jeremiah 29:11 God has good things planned for you. As His plan for your marriage unfolds, be confident that it will be everything you’ve prayed for and more. Your love-life may not look anything like a fairy tale right now, but have faith that God has already established your very own, happily ever after. Trust Him.

The journey from single to married is one of faith. Unfortunately, we live in a society where our worth is often determined by our marital status, so being single can feel like a scarlet letter. Singleness is not a punishment and becoming a wife is not a reward; it is a responsibility that no woman should take up carelessly. If you don’t anchor your faith in God’s word, you could find yourself in a world of pain.

The Happily Ever After Devotional and its corresponding Happily Ever After Faith Journal were designed to help stir up your faith and adjust your perspective towards marital purpose instead of marital status - this way you can be sure that you're building your marriage on a firm foundation. God has something so special waiting for you at the end of this journey and the Happily Ever After devotional and faith journal will help you walk you into those blessings confidently and without delay.

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