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Let there be Light

In LOVING memory of our Dear Friend Nick Bowen. Until the moment of His transition into Kingly Eternity he oozed Jesus. He was truly an inspiration. We love you Nick. See you again friend!

In the dark and dim recesses of eternity past,

In the high, vaulted chambers of the heavens so vast,

'Twas all inky blackness forever and aye,

No light would ever be seen by the eye.

As ages rolled on 'twas always the same,

No light from a star, from a lamp or a flame.

For there was never a source of light born

To pierce the great darkness and bring on the morn.

For eons and eons the darkness prevailed

As a dark, conq'ring demon that had all impaled.

The darkness, victorious, ruled in its might,

One long, never-ending unquenchable night.

And then, of a sudden, in the midst of the night,

There thundered from God the words "Let there be


And the darkness rolled back as the light issued forth

To the East and the West and the South and the


Now darkness will never again have full sway-

Moon and stars rule the night and the sun rules the


Darkness eternal has had its great fall,

And God, who is Light, rules high over all.

E'en so was my life once ruled by the night;

For oh, far too long, was the darkness my plight.

Nor reason nor wisdom could pierce the dark cloud

And my life was enveloped by a dark, smoth' ring


'Twas darkness without and darkness within;

Darkness held sway, accomp'nied by sin.

And never a thought came to mind of the light,

And I relished the darkness and reveled in night.

And then, oh the day, I remember it well,

When the light issued forth and pierced my dark


It flooded my being and washed o'er my soul,

I could see, I could feel, I could hear, I was whole!

Then Jesus came in and my chains fell away

And I rose up to walk in an endless new day.

Though darkness may come, 'twill ne'er rule again,

For His Blood has now covered my guilt and my sin.

And I walk in the light as a child of the King

Who has saved me from shame and from guilt and all


That once were as darkness to my dark, troubled soul;

I' m a child of the light, I' m cleaned and I' m


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