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Prophecy- NCAC Annual Conference “Accelerate”, North Charleston, SC – August 2019- Rebecca Greenwood

And so when I was in intercession yesterday and even this morning, I heard the Lord saying actually in June of last year (2018) He started speaking to me about different regions in our nation. And I had a vision and in this vision there were whirlwinds that were whirling around different states in our nation. And when I saw these whirlwinds lots of times you know I am from Texas but I live in Colorado now and when a tornado whirlwind comes you are like this is not a good thing right go for cover (laughter) but the reality is when I saw these in the vision I said Lord what are these and He said these are not whirlwinds for destruction they are whirlwinds for transformation. And within those whirlwinds I saw the words within those whirlwinds of faith and hope and the Lord says and even in North and South Carolina were key players in that prophetic word that he is releasing his whirlwinds and they are winds of fire, they are winds of glory, they are winds of revival, they are winds of transformation. And it is encountering those principalities over the region. And within those whirlwinds are the words of faith and hope that the prophetic words that have been prophesied over this city and over this region, and over this house and over this state the Lord says this is a now time. And that you are key not only for this state but you are key for this nation and the nations. And there is whirlwinds of glory and fire and within them are the words faith and hope and God’s revival. Not just a fleeting move of goosebumps, but God’s spirit of revival and fire and transformation. And you know many times when we prophesy we are prophesying like in the future, but the Lord is saying it is now. You are in the now season of the winds blowing the whirlwinds of heaven blowing in this house and in this state and in this region and in the nation. And the Lord was even saying Patricia and Mark (the Apostolic Pastors of North Palm Church in Charleston, SC) and I am going to do a prophetic act I am going to teach the same message both services but I am going to do a prophetic act at the end of the first one with you guys, I already asked Patricia if that was OK. But God has given you keys of authority that He has placed in your hands in this season.

And we are going to talk about keys of authority and there are keys to unlock what has been bound up and that when you unlock there is going to be a new wave of glory, there is going to be a new wave of healing, there is going to be a new wave of revival, and apostolic authority that will go into every sphere of culture in this region. And I was seeing even government leaders in the region and (laughter) and even in the nation will begin to call on the wisdom the prophetic apostolic wisdom of this house to hear what the Word of the Lord is saying. Expect suddenly surprises of calls from people even within government position to say what is the word of the Lord for this hour and what is it that I am to do. Because the Lord says, the apostolic prophetic that is being raised up from this place, from this house, from this network will be a key voice to shift government into righteousness in this time, in this city, in the region, in the state in the nation. Guys it is like in the Spirit, I am just going to keep prophesying I might get to the message, I am just saying. Even in the Spirit and I know I have talked to a lot of people in the network, but it is like I see you guys and it is North Charleston but you know it is like NC but next to the NC are the letters DC. And the Lord says NC will be so present in DC that will cause shift to come into this Nation for kingdom purposes. Amen.

And the Lord is even adding to this, He said the religious spirit of the region that has tried to hold back this move He says watch within the next 6 to 12 months the strong hold of religion in the region will topple and God’s Kingdom will be established. And I don’t know what this means but man I am in a big vision right now, down by the water, down by the you know down by the bay I hear that song, anyway literally the Lord says what happened there has been prayed through, prayed over, contended with dealt with and the Lord says watch for the glory wave of His Spirit to flow through this region. That what once defiled by the water it is broken. And the Lord says start prophesying and decreeing the glory wave of God because it will come, it is coming in the next 6 to 12 months. I don’t know what happened down there, you all do I am sure you are all (laughing) the what? Trading of human lives. The Lord is even showing me the government, wow, the government building of North Charleston. I hear the Lord saying that in the seat of government in North Charleston He is rearranging positions like the pieces on a chess board, wow. I am literally seeing that chess board and the Lord is saying it is a season of check mate. And that He is rearranging the government seat of this city and of this region because it is an unlocking season of transformation. Do not be surprised if a hand of corruption WOW is exposed. It will be exposed, justice will come and God’s righteous man that he has positioned for this hour will be put in place. And he will have a heart for reformation for the region wow (laugh) ya’ll have to tell me what yeah ok. You know when you have the sanguine personality on the inside it is like I want to know now. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. There is even a leader that God is raising up governmentally in this region that will rule so effectively, that will lead so effectively that favor will open up to DC and what was established here in North Charleston people will say we need that in a national level. You carry apostolic governmental presidential authority in North Charleston. WOW. Jesus (laughter) that is fun. WOW Lord let it be we say yes, we say yes, we say yes. Lord we thank you for that rearranging on that chess board right now Lord I just hear you saying checkmate, checkmate, checkmate. Oh three. So Lord I thank that there will be a rearranging of three and your justice will be made know in this region. (Laughter)

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