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Santa Claus: "Who is that Man in the Red Suit?" with Author Jennifer S. Goins

58 views Streamed live on Dec 15, 2022 Raven's Heart Podcast

Christmas is a time of year to celebrate the birth of Jesus and often involves the tradition of Santa Claus. Is Santa Claus merely a distraction from the true meaning of Christmas or is there something more to this legend than we have been led to believe? Author, Jennifer S. Goins joins Raven’s Heart to discuss her new children’s book “Who is that Man in the Red Suit?” which gives a historical and Biblical perspective of Santa Claus who in early church history is known as Saint Nicholas. This edition is a must watch and the book is a must-read for Christian families who find it difficult to reconcile the true reason for Christmas with the legend of Santa Claus. Get a copy of “Who is that Man in the Red Suit” at: Get tickets for Get Revelation Rockfest 2023 with Ignescent at:

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