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The Priesthood

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

Only one group of people in all the cosmos is worthy of carrying God’s Presence; The Priesthood.

From the place of priestly devotion, we find the greatest honor afforded humankind; to minister directly to the face of God and to be the only ones in all of creation worthy to carry His image and glory. Our Kingdom's national identity is one thing before all else; “royal priesthood”.

The Priesthood has the high calling of bringing God’s presence into the earth to dispel the lie of His absence. The priesthood is the antithesis and antidote for a worship culture in the church that has lost its way with fame, celebrity, money, industry, and idol worship. Modern worship culture must leave behind what it has become; an industry and business, and reclaim its original purpose; building altars of the presence of God that will cause the love, power, and presence of Jesus to invade and transform our families, cities, and nations.

The Priesthood is a book that seeks to establish this new yet ancient paradigm through biblical teaching, fresh revelation, and powerful personal testimonies. Outside of the classic catholic writings, this is the first modern book reclaiming that which has been lost for far too long: The Priesthood

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Chris Burns is a worship leader, revivalist and preacher. He has traveled extensively throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe and even the Middle East the past 15 years with songs, worship, and the preaching and teaching of the Gospel. He has released 7 worship albums to date, and is the author of the book “Pioneers of His Presence” which is used in schools all over the world and been translated into various different languages.

He is the founder of The Sound Movement which hosts nationwide Jesus festivals, worship schools, music intensives.

Chris and his wife Danielle along with their children Jude, Mila and Elisabeth currently live, serve and base themselves out of New Orleans, LA

Chris is currently leading the Bourbon Street Revival in New Orleans, LA.

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