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I went into a trance. Immediately in the trance I was no longer in the car. Nobody was around me anymore. We parked the car outside the hotel. We were just praying, I was in this trance. I left the car. People that know me know my anointing is nations. I love prophesying to people, but nations is my thing. When I have a visitation like that, I know it’s God. I was in this trance and all of a sudden I was taken to a place, and I could see Jesus walking in this place, but Jesus was a lion. I was in a place that I’d never been to before, the street sign on the place I was in said “Appleton”. I opened my eyes, jumped up and said Greg, Greg.

I was just in Appleton, he said. What was in a place called Appleton? So he did his due spiritual diligence and went to Google. He checked Appleton. He said there’s an Appleton in Wisconsin, I said no. I was in South Carolina. So he googled South Carolina Appleton. And there’s a place here, in South Carolina, called Appleton. It’s in Allendale. I’ve never been there before, by the way. Here I am in Appleton, in Allendale. I see the Lord in this place like a lion, and he’s roaring over Appleton in Allendale. As he’s roaring, it’s like I’m in a ghost town. Everything’s gone. Everything looks destroyed. It’s as if a wind came in and destroyed the whole thing, And I’m standing there in this place. The lion roars and all these unmarked graves flipped over, and I saw the bones of slaves flipping over, and I realized that we had built cities on bones. And the Lord had me in between. South Carolina was like a mountain, and I was standing in a valley, looking at these bones like Ezekiel’s vision.

The Lord said to me, can these dry bones live? And I said to the Lord in the vision, this sounds like Ezekiel’s vision. I realized that I was standing outside a former plantation in Appleton. And the Lord said that this House will be given a plantation redeeming anointing. I see him redeeming all curses of lands through plantation, restoration and turnaround. I was standing in the middle of unmarked graves, and the Lord said: “Can these dry bones live?” Then I saw the Lord’s finger poking a hornet’s nest, and out came hornets. I asked why he was poking it, and he said to me: “Do you want real peace or a glossing over? For the hornet’s nest will continue to be stirred as long as there’s no genuine confrontation.”

I saw of Lord wondering why the whole county had been forgotten and left as a ghost town. I saw crime rising in this area called Allendale that no one dared pass by that way, but it was as if Jesus going through some area and needed to go through Alandale. The Lord says, I’m taking the plantations in this land, and I’m turning them into plantings of the Lord. I’m taking the burial sites and turning them into wedding feasts.

Then I saw the words South Carolina, 1776. And I didn’t know until I asked Greg, 1776 is allegedly your Independence Day. And the Lord said: “If you don’t stop the revolution, your enemy will start the riot.” “From the same port that transported slaves, I will transport slaves of Christ. For something got won in South Carolina, specifically in 1776.” And the Lord said “I will do what I did again. And then the Lord separated the words Charleston and it became in Charles’s town.”

The Lord says “I will do again what I did in Charles’s town, and I will start another revolution again.” I saw a Deborah running for the United States Presidency that came out of South Carolina, the Lord said. “This woman will not win, but in her bid, I will call for many Deborahs to arise. Her star shall be for the people of Israel. I will give her a place among the ranks of men, I will call Deborahs to arise and there will be Deborah mayors Deborah “Alderman”? and elder woman. And I will make this land a Goshen in time to come.” Then I saw South Carolina looking like the UK. I saw like the UK, where towns are settled by parishes. I saw the Lord mapping out South Carolina like parishes, like Anglican, Old Anglican parishes that became different towns and centers.

The Lord said: “I am raising up this House to revive old dead bones and old dead parishes.” I saw towns being filled. And what was dry bones of old Anglican looking roots being restored into revival hubs. Then the Lord said: “South Carolina, you are my Garrison.” A Garrison is a term that is used for a city where there is a military base. When you have a city where there’s a military base, you call that place a Garrison. In the Bible David had Garrison cities, and the Lord in this vision, describes South Carolina like a Garrison. The Lord says: “I will use this place to prevent a World War three. I will release the mantles of Corrie Ten Boom upon this establishment.” The Lord says: “Stand at the port and hold back what the little calls the war without end.” I saw South Carolina like a big black bear in this vision. South Carolina was like a big black bear, but it was fighting another big Bear.

And I saw in the spirit Russian leaders plotting against South Carolina, and it was as if a military base of sorts, and a Garrison of sorts was looking to be destroyed, almost similar to what would have happened in Pearl Harbor, but it looked more cyber than real. It was an act of retaliation to cripple the US. The Lord says: “I will raise up this House and others to prevent a World War Three. For your leaders will try to fight bear against bear, and I will make you a refuge for Ukrainians fleeing wartime, but you will also be a battleground in the coming war.”

“Your future is battle, and from you” the Lord says, “great battles have been won. You will be a battleground again for the next revolution.” I saw Washington shouting “It’s racist!”, but then I saw Africans, an African American remnant arising to go and finding out it was a big lie. The Lord says: “South Carolina, like Texas, you have often stood as a Lone Star. And I will build my Goshen in you again”, says the Lord.

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