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Why Do We Suffer? With Suffering Gift (Indie Rock)

50 views Streamed live on Mar 9, 2023 Raven's Heart Podcast

Why do we suffer? That is a good question that we will attempt to answer with special guest Suffering Gift from Charleston, South Carolina. If you like the music of REM and Stone Sour, you will enjoy the music of Suffering gift which addresses the complex issues of life such as pain, suffering, and addiction. Suffering Gift is an Indie Rock Band from Charleston South Carolina that provides hope for those struggling with the complexities of life. Comment lines will be open for comments and questions.

Suffering Gift will be on stage at Get Revelation Rockfest 2023 on May 13th at the Hanahan Amphitheater in Charleston, South Carolina.

Get Tickets for Get Revelation Rockfest Here: Lithoscry and Get Revelation Rockfest Merch: Listen to Suffering Gift on Spotify Here:

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