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Ziggie: A Living Testimony (Christian Rock)

32 views Streamed live on Jan 26, 2023 Raven's Heart Podcast

What does it mean to be a living testimony for Jesus Christ? Find out from Charleston South Carolina's very talented Christian Rock artist Ziggie as we explore his latest track entitled "Living Testimony." Glenn and Ziggie will also discuss the simple yet complex concept of faith as they share another recent track of Ziggie's entitled, "Nothing is Impossible." You will be able to see Ziggie at Charleston, South Carolina's premiere Christian Rock outdoor music festival: "Get Revelation Rockfest 2023" on Saturday May, 13th. Ticket link is below: Get tickets to see Ziggie live at Get Revelation Rockfest on May 13th, 2023 in Charleston, SC at: Get Rockfest and Lithoscry Merch at:

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