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Chuck Pierce-NEW UNITY in the Carolinas that produces a new anointing in America. March 25, 2022


Unlocking the Kingdom in the Carolinas and Beyond

~A Message from Anne Romanello & Susie Zeigler

on behalf of The Embassy of Zion~

On March 25, 2022 at a meeting in Philadelphia, PA, Chuck Pierce prophesied words of “review” over God’s remnant in each of the Original 13 Colonies.

This is what he prophesied over the Carolinas:

“Charleston has a dividing anointing on it that has to be re-formed. And once that is reformed, our nation will not disintegrate. I feel that strong about Charleston. Charleston is about as key as it comes.

So I wanted to say to y’all in the Carolinas, there’s a prosperity anointing that comes from unity. And there’s going to be a new unity in the Carolinas that produces a new anointing in America. It can ONLY come from the Carolinas. And the Lord says that it will cause wrath and greed to be uprooted.

So I want to set a blood line over you because you’re upgrading, you're uprooting greed, wrath, bloodshed and division, broken covenant.

Now Father, I say right now, the Carolinas are coming in to an anointing, an anointing. The Lord said it’s about the anointing in the Carolinas. There’s an anointing going to come out of the Carolinas. There’s an anointing, there’s a move of God, there’s a breaker anointing coming out of the Carolinas.

The Lord says, ‘Get ready, I am sending you forth to bring forth the breaker anointings at the gates, in Jesus Name!’”

When the Lord speaks a word over our region in this manner, we know He is calling us to partner with Him! In fact, we have an amazing opportunity as the people of God in the Carolinas to actively come into agreement with this word and say, YES!

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