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Word over Mark & Patricia Estes of North Palm Church in Charleston, SC

Jane Hamon: I want you to stretch your hands out towards these leaders, and I wanted to do it this way because I know one of the greatest tensions over this city has been racial tension. God is raising up reformers that understand how to break that. They understand how to break that in the spirit, and they understand how to bring unity in the realm of the earth. Stretch your hands out and we’re going to pray over them.

Tom Hamon: Father, we are so thankful for the opportunity to be your voice and to be able to release your strength, and cause the decrees of heaven to come into the earth realm, so as we stretch our hand towards this couple we come in agreement with the call of God, we come in agreement with the decrees that have been made even previously. The Lord says, “Man of God, I have called you to be a man after my heart. You had to struggle through some issues even that arose in times and you felt like, ‘God how do I even make a difference if these are the things I’ve got to contend with?’ and even as the enemy thought he could intimidate, and you had your scars, and you had your tears, and you had your times when you walked through even with fear, and you thought “I don’t know if I can get past this,” or “I can break through,” but I begin to put upon you even a fresh mantle and I begin to say, son, you are going to be one that will win the day, and I’m going to give you a strength that you will pray through the night, and arise with a fight in your heart, and say: “I’m going to lead the charge, and I’m going to cause things to shift into that that is right.”

So, the Lord says, “Son, I put a mantle upon you, and you shall have that double portion of Elisha, you shall understand your calling in this hour. I will have a city of refuge. I will have a place where people will receive of my grace. I caused you to be a man of great meekness and humility, a man of great compassion and heart, but you’re also one will lift up the sword of the Lord and say, “it’s time for us to war,” and begin to lead the people of God, even against the assignments of darkness, and there shall be a breaking off of the spirit of blindness, and there shall be openness now to the new that I’m decreeing, and you are going to walk through the doors, says the Lord, and you are going to say: “There is more.” And there shall be an ecclesia anointing upon you, and there shall be an apostolic grace that will be like a fountain that will begin to overflow and feed this place, says the Lord.

This is a time and a season that I’m aligning things that have been out of order around about you that you’ve seen in the land, you’ve seen in the territory, and you said “God, these things must shift,” and now at my command, you shall move and things shall begin to even move for me, says the Lord. So, I anoint you even together to be a couple that will work and co-labor as one, and the voice of the Lord will be a double even in between the two of you, and you will see the fruit of the words of the Lord that shall be released out of your mouth.

Father, we join them as one as never before, and we decree their family in the fullness of the ministry are going to be in one accord, and there shall be a powerful release that this city shall shake at the word of the Lord, and as it does there will be a newness that will be brought forth, and this place will be a place that is safe and graced by your hand in a powerful way, in Jesus’ mighty name.

Jane Hamon: And the Lord says, son and daughter, I have made you like a double-edged sword, says the Lord; one of you cuts one way, the other cuts the other. And the Lord says that one of you cuts even at one time apostolically, and then the other one will cut prophetically, and then you’ll turn around and you’ll do just the opposite, says the Lord, because I’ve mantled you both with that double portion, apostolic and prophetic anointings, says the Lord.

The Lord says, I’m going to begin to stretch you in your prophetic giftings, the Lord says even as you’ve raised up a prophetic company, the Lord says I’m going to cause the two of you to begin to see and hear, and you are going to begin to see even the spiritual atmosphere in a new way. You are going to see the ladder that I’ve placed in this city that ascends to heaven where angels ascend and descend upon the ladder around the city, says the Lord. The Lord says, you are going to find that I have placed ladders in different locations where there is a coming and a going from the heavenly realm, for the Lord says that I’m going to make this even as Jericho was a gateway into the promised land, so this has been a port city to the nation, says the Lord, a gateway into the nation. And the Lord says there will be also a heavenly gateway that I will bring into this nation from this place, says the Lord.

The Lord says, Son and daughter, as your days are, so shall your strength will be. The Lord says, I’m going to give you the physical strength to run with the vision that I’ve given to you, says God. And the Lord says, you are going to find more and more there is going to be more and more government involvement.

I’m going to get you involved in government, I’m going to get you involved in the government of the state, I’m going to get you involved in the government of the region, I’m going to get you involved in the government of the nation, never to become political, but the Lord says to become governmental as that double portion of both ecclesia, spiritual legislation, but also involved in even the natural legislation that is coming down, that is setting a course of culture within the state.

The Lord says, I’m going to give you generational continuity, even not only from your own children, but the Lord says that next gen that you are raising up, says the Lord, there is going to be an amazing generational continuity within this house. You are going to find generations running together. Mothers and fathers out there, I want you to lay hold of this for your own children, and your children’s children, for the Lord says even as you have paved the way for your own children, so it breaks something in the spirit for prodigals to come home and to get plugged in to their destiny, their purpose, and their calling in Christ.

The Lord says, son and daughter, you are going to know my favor, you are going to know my hand, says the Lord. You are going to find that I’m going to build bridges of reconciliation through you, says God. Even in some denominational circles, you are going to find that I’m building bridges of reconciliation. And the Lord says you will be the restorers of the breech. Where the enemy tried to break a breech, I will make you the restorers of the breech, says the Spirit of God. I will raise you up even in this city and in this region, says the Lord, to bring great penetration for the Kingdom of Heaven in the earth realm.

Tom Hamon: The Lord says he’s going to raise up the Pauls, the Peters, the Johns, and even the Mary Magdalens, and the Lord says you are going to see the Sauls shift out of the old into the apostolic grace that I have decreed that is time for them to encounter in me. I’m going to cause the shaking reeds of the Simons, and even those that are out there just thinking “I’m just a fisherman,” to become fishers of men, and come alive for the Kingdom cause, and you are going to take and clean them out of the marketplace and begin to equip them, and they are going to go powerfully and turn this world upside down for me.

I’m going to cause the Johns to begin to understand that they are the beloved. They will love me deeply, but they will also be men of revelation, and I will begin to release discernment and revelation for the times we are living in, and they shall begin to understand like the sons of Issachar the times and know even what to do; and even those that have come as Mary did through the pain of life and the shame of life and they have felt used and abused and broken, you are going to take them and say, “Hey! I have a new name for you, and I have a place at the table for you, and this is a grace that you are going to operate in, and there will be a release of the broken coming forth, and a powerful release of strength even in this season.”

Father, we anoint them with fresh oil. We anoint them for this season, and decree a generation is rising up to demonstrate the Kingdom in amazing ways, with amazing grace, in Jesus’ powerful name.

Jane Hamon: Let’s thank the Lord for this amazing couple.

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