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My Breath is upon you, South Carolina!

My Breath is upon you, South Carolina! Your BOOK is open and GREAT FRUITFULNESS is in your destiny. Waterfalls from My RIVER of LIFE flow through you, nourishing you! Open your eyes and SEE MY BREATH! My BREATH surrounds you, O GATEKEEPER and DOORKEEPER! Listen! Do you hear? The sound of a mighty army marching upon the mulberry trees! The MOUNTAINS your enemy possessed is yours, South Carolina! Breathe in deep! Fill your lungs! My BREATH is upon you South Carolina! My BREATH! My BREATH! Blow the trumpet in Zion! Breathe what I have created in you throughout America and beyond!

(6/2/23,Heidi Contreras)

Prophetic Art and Word,

State of South Carolina

6th Tour of Duty

55 Day Tour of Duty-Gathering the Spoils 2023

Divine Recovery Tour: Restitution, Recompense, and Reward!

2023- 5783

Thank you Heidi!

Posted by: Betty Love

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