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O Carolinas SING! Sing in Unity! Sing as ONE

North Carolina! I say, O Carolinas SING! Sing in Unity! Sing as ONE. The bitterness from the old bitter root is burned out of you. Your wound is cauterized—healed by MY STRIPES! I call the Watchmen and Prophets to SOAR with Carolina like EAGLES! Shift! Shift! Shift! Shift into the WEALTH I have anointed you for. Enter into MY OUTPOURING! Revival FIRE! Revival FIRE! O Carolina SING! SING O NATION’S GATE! Rise HIGHER and HIGHER above the tumultuous fray and SING! MY GLORY is RAINING on you!

(6/6/23,Heidi Contreras)

Prophetic Art and Word,

State of North Carolina

6th Tour of Duty

55 Day Tour of Duty-Gathering the Spoils 2023

Divine Recovery Tour: Restitution, Recompense, and Reward!

2023- 5783

Thank you Heidi!

Posted by: Betty Love

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