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Prophetic Words Over North Carolina

“I was praying and waiting on the Lord. Suddenly I was lifted up and then found myself looking down upon North Carolina. I saw a river from the border of S. Carolina begin to wind its way up right through the center of North Carolina toward Virginia. . . As I looked at the river, I could see the golden sheen on it – then it seemed to turn silver and then back to gold again, depending on the reflection of the light. Then I saw flashes of light here and there. When the flashes of light came they illuminated the area where they were. The illumination showed up the entrance of old mines. The mines had been boarded up but some angels had begun to take the boards down. The entrances were uncovered and people began to go in and mine the gold that was in them. When I saw this I thought it was a similar thing to the re-digging of the wells that people have been prophesying about for a while. Of course the mines also represent things (people/ministries/gifts) that have been hidden – but now they are going to come out and be used and spread around so the whole body of Christ can prosper. There must have been local movements of the spirit in previous days in NC that may not be widely known but nevertheless they are there. There are areas where there were old “spiritual mines”. Then I saw three large black birds flying across NC from the west coast across toward Tennessee. The black birds were major spirits of witchcraft. As I saw the birds fly I saw them get shot out of the sky somewhere between Charlotte and Greensboro. I believe there are some intercessors in that area who have the anointing to do that – so go for it NC intercessor friends.” —Kathie Walters, March 13, 2000

To the Prayer Networks in North Carolina: “I want unity between My prayer networks in this region. . . .My desire is that My love be made manifest in you and between you. . . proving to the world that you are My disciples because of the love that is between you. Minister together and to one another in this effort. . . for not one of you can do this alone. .. it must be an effort of one . . one in the Spirit made possible through My Holy Spirit as you seek My face and when you continue to turn from disunity, indifference, jealousy, suspicion, criticism and envy of every kind against one another; forgive one another; and unite with one another in love and peace. Be married to one another, and do all in your power through the grace that I will supply to not separate from one another. See to it that you keep yourself from thinking that any one of you has been the only “called one” to see deliverance and transformation come into your region. Your inheritance awaits you, and I long to pour it out to you. . . see to it that you remain united in love and peace, and continue to reconcile and to make restitution with one another; bless one another for the talents and gifts that I have deposited in each of you for this effort whenever it is in your power to do so; and pray for one another.” –Given by Mary Consolacion [Medford], April 13, 2001, N. Wilkesboro, NC

“Now Lord, we speak to the Carolinas, and we say come forth into your plan of destiny. ….Lord, we say to North Carolina, that you will be in the forefront of this nation, for the Lord says, “creative power and strategies of transference of wealth is now resting over you. I would say to you, begin to listen carefully, Church, for I want to divert this into you, and I say there will be great research capability that arises in your midst. And I say you will begin to find out how the thrones of iniquity are working. There is an ability of knowledge and understanding and a gift of knowledge that is now resting upon you.” —Chuck Pierce, September 10, 2001, Biloxi, MS

“I will come to My temple like an Eagle. I will visit My people like a flood. I will break the ancient banks of tradition to flood the land with My power and presence. I will break down the ancient gates of poverty that have ruled the land and will establish My statutes. I will raise up the destitute, the prostitute, and the youth. They will sit at My right hand in Heavenly places and possess the land. I will uproot and tear down the walls that divide between black and white, day and night. I will defy the paradigm of prejudice and establish My law in their heart. The law of love and grace. The spiritual plates that have positioned My people in the wilderness of religion are shifting. A fault of line of revival will be felt from Savannah to Raleigh, from Raleigh to Atlanta. From Atlanta to Norfolk, from Norfolk to Ahoskie. From Ahoskie to New Bern, from New Bern to Whittaker, from Whittaker to the uttermost parts of the earth. I am shifting the spiritual plates and causing the Spirit of revival and awakening to fall upon these Southern States. The paradigm of prejudice will give way to the heart of reconciliation and reformation. The tide of hatred and pride will turn into the shores of My grace and forgiveness….” —Chad Taylor, February 18, 2002

North Carolina: Shifting Into a Release of Wealth. “The heavens were churning over the state of North Carolina, and an interesting prophetic word came forward during the 50-State Tour meeting: “In September, you will see great rain. In the months from April to September there will be great rearrangement and breakthrough, with a release coming to the Body of Christ.” …”There was also a declaration that North Carolina must make a shift into the new. To shift is to change position or direction. The prophet declared, “Now hear me, some of you must shift out of the old position that you are in and into the new place. You must shift from one direction into another direction, or exchange or replace something with something that is better. It is time to make a shift!” — Chuck Pierce, March 2003.

“…I will cause even those states that were here first in the United States of America to have a shaking because they have been cold: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina. The Spirit of God says do you understand that even Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York. God says I will not leave one of them out for they will rise up and say, as we were in the beginning so shall we be in this end time. They have said we have been left behind; No, God says, I have kept the best for last.” —Kim Clement, October 19, 2007, Frederick, MD

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