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The Backbone Worship Gathering in Charlotte 2/18/20

Carolina means joyful song, joyful sound

Susie Zeigler: So we have gathered from GA, AL, TN, TX, VA, WV, MD, NJ, NY. and FL! And we are going to give a double portion Roar of the Spirit from the Carolinas!

Chuck Pierce: As James is leading us, I can see a schism being healed. I want you to decree right now that there is a supernatural, overdue healing coming to this land tonight. Father, you brought us here. You brought us here to release a sound, to agree with heaven and earth, so this land and its rifts of the past could be healed. And we say tonight, we bind that divisive spirit, in the name of Jesus! We set a bloodline from the Carolinas, where the beginning of the Civil War and the end almost occurred. Father, we say let the healing now fall across this land

So Lord, tonight I decree that out of North Carolina there will come a voice of one crying in the wilderness, calling the prodigals home, calling the harvest to come in. I say out of NC there will be a powerful move of evangelism that will be launched from this state in an awesome, awesome way! Father, I thank you for what you are doing here. And I thank you that Charlotte NC will begin moving in awakening revival. I thank you for it Lord, in Jesus’ name

Chuck Pierce: When you release that offering, you shout, “Lord, we need a move! Holy Spirit we need a move! Come and move across this land - from the Keys of Florida all the way north to the top of Maine, all the way west to the very West Coast of Alaska and Hawaii. Lord, we need a move!” Shout it! Let’s release this offering and say, “Let the move begin!” This is causing a shift in the atmosphere. It is causing faith to arise. God brought us here to send this out. One of the things to see about the Carolinas, it has the greatest Sound, and when I say that inland, inlet in this nation. Therefore it has the greatest sound in God’s eyes to go out across the earth, to go out on the trade lines. Sheryl, come make a decree over, from this place, and then I want you to sing this with all of your heart. Sheryl Price: As we were getting off the plane today I saw the crown, because Charlotte is the crown city. And the Lord spoke to me and said tonight, we have authority over that coronavirus, which is in the shape of a crown. We’re not just gathered here for our nation. But God is broadening our authority tonight to speak into this thing. So in the name of Jesus, with the authority, Lord, that you have given our mouths tonight, we speak to that coronavirus and we say cease and desist! Stop now! Stop now, in Jesus’ name! I annihilate you by the blood of Jesus Christ, in Jesus name! Chuck Pierce: Shout, “We need a move of healing! We need a miracle move of healing! The Spirit of healing across the land - we loose it here in Charlotte NC!” Singing miracles happen when you move; miracles coming…

LeAnn Squier: So tonight when I walked on the stage in the wings, I heard the Lord say I’m breaking the spirit of infirmity. And I saw, it was the back, it was the woman who had been bent over for 18 years, with the spirit of infirmity in her back. She was bent over. And I began to realize as all of this was transpiring, what is happening is God is healing the backbone of the Body of Christ - all along this pathway up the Coast. And as she stood up, I saw that the Lord was saying I am restoring the crown, the scepter. I'm restoring the spirit of authority. I'm purging out infirmity, weakness. And I saw it was a call to rule and to reign. To rule and to reign. And so even as the Body of Christ is being restored, and even as that governing anointing is coming back to the Body of Christ, you know who you are now! We know who we are! We know we are here for a purpose! We know we are a scepter in the hand of the Lord! This thing is shifting now! This is shifting in our nation and shifting with you, as we are stepping into that place where we are upright. And we are strong, even in our core and in our backbone being restored. Now there is a governmental anointing that is beginning to rest. Singing: Miracles happen when you move…

Chuck Pierce: Say it again, “this is a move.” All of a sudden I saw something. It was like a veil rolled back and I saw us - in moments we will know in territories how to gather. We’ll gather and the Spirit of God will come. And it will create. People will start bringing people in that need to be saved. It won’t be church gatherings. We will just say we are all gathering for this, and all of a sudden you'll know this is the place where the Spirit of God rests. And we’ll show up and the Spirit of God will manifest our future! Let’s give a shout! Let me show you this as we are preparing to make a shift. This time is so very important that we are in. It is such a key time for us to understand the change that is going on around us. Things are changing. In the midst of change, we are going to a new level in a lot of areas. We are a little confused where we are going - place your hand on someone and say that was for you - but at least we are going. Just say at least I am going! So it becomes important that we see the time frame we are in.

SLIDE: Come Face to Face with the Roar

We are in a leadership shift. Political tensions. Provisional tensions. Supernatural. Tension is like a physics dynamic, where you are putting strain on something. I like what Ephesians 4 says, “Strain every nerve to keep unity.” We’ve got supernatural tension, one new man tensions of gender, race, and sectarianism. And God is saying my people are going to be on the end of this tug of war that pulls things across into my court this season. So here we are in Charlotte. Key. Key city for our future. All the prophecies that have been spoken over you. But look back at what the Carolinas are known for. Flight. They are known for political shifts. They are known for supply. They are known for food, too. It’s good! They are known for NASCAR. They are known for moonshine. Now we are getting into my background. The Carolinas have always had one of the greatest voices to stand in this land. That's why it was important for us to come here and worship. Because Carolina, and especially this city some way, will be the determining forces of our nation in days ahead. So because of that let’s stand, and as you stand say the infirm spirit on the Carolinas is leaving. Dutch and I went to 22 different regions across America last year, including Alaska. One end to the other. And I don't know anybody that stands stronger in the midst of the war. I don’t know anybody that gets hit any more by the enemy to try to weaken the backbone that he carries. I want you to welcome him here in the Carolinas, to give us a charge.

Dutch Sheets: Most of you know I’m recovering from backbone surgery. I’m really technically not supposed to be here. I’ve not been released to fly, I’ve been released to drive. So I’m not really fully back in the saddle yet. …I can’t help but think that it must not be an accident that here I am recovering from backbone surgery, and my first stop back is on the Backbone Tour. There’s something about that I don’t think could be a coincidence. It’s great to be here. I am a Carolinian now, and I’m glad to be. And it’s always good to be with Chuck. When Ken contacted me and said do you know any place in the Carolinas to do a gathering on this tour, Anne and Susie were the first people I thought of - I know who can pull this off. So thank you. We have come a long way, haven't we. And the Lord is healing our nation and the best is yet to come. I have to take it easy so I’m going to try to be somewhat dignified and laid back… I’ve been in this season for months now, being overwhelmed with the number of dreams people are sending to me about the nation. They are all good, by the way. They don’t all imply “easy.” And none of them imply the work is done. But they all are good, and are saying we are indeed moving into everything we have been crying out for. We just have to finish well. So I’m going to read several and comment on them over them. The first one is a dream that goes back to 2017.

I was in the height of the Appeal to Heaven revelation, speaking on it around the country. The Lord had really downloaded information to me that went all the way back to our founding. Most of you know the story of the Appeal to Heaven flag that flew over our nation during the Revolutionary War, commissioned by Washington. He was the creator, in essence, of that flag. He flew it over all the battlefields, flew it over the ships. Because he knew - all the Founders knew if God didn’t come through it was laughable that we could win this war with the greatest empire on earth. I’ve been reading some more history about those times. And one of the things I’ve been struck with as I’ve been reading is that even with more revelation than ever before, how impossible it was for this fledgling group of Colonists to win the war. There were hundreds of opportunities for this thing to fall apart. And yet God just kept supernaturally helping them. It was because of the Appeal to Heaven. A lot of people don’t realize America was born under a prayer movement - Appeal to Heaven. So the Lord brought that revelation back to the praying church in this nation - how many have heard that revelation? If you haven’t, order that small book I have on Appeal to Heaven, or go to youtube and get the message. But it documents clearly this entire revelation.

But in 2017 a dream was sent to me. And I was wondering what to do with this movement next. Just set it on the shelf for a little while. Haven’t done a lot with it recently. I’ve done a conference or two. But I knew because of this dream I’m about to read, that 2020 was a really important year. Even though I’ve been busy - Chuck and I have done 2 different speaking tours, gathering the praying church over the last couple years, done a lot of things with others as well; I’ve been averaging 70 cities a year for the last several years. But in my mind I’ve always been looking forward to 2020.

[Dream 1] Sitting still in the water. Five sails, all of them hanging limp. (So there was no wind and the ship was just sitting still.) The wind came and began to blow, creating a movement. (I think that’s a play on words. Causing the ship to move, but creating a movement.) As the sails filled I could see that they were Appeal to Heaven flags. (Five, grace. The answer to our prayers, our appeals, the wind of the Spirit and the grace of God over our nation.) As the sails, the flags filled, I could see at the bottom corner of each flag was the number, the year 2020. And as the ship sailed away I could see the name on the back of it, DSM, (which is what I call Dutch Sheets Ministries.) So I knew God was talking to me about the movement, and this fresh wind. And I knew there were new assignments coming for 2020.

[Dream 2] This one stirred in me when Chuck started talking to me about Trump. Because you know a lot of people don’t like Trump; he’s easy not to like. You know, but I think what you have to do as a believer, and as an intercessor, is remember this is not about Trump As much as I like what he’s doing with the courts and what he did with Israel, and God is using him in so many amazing ways, he still does things I don’t like. He just does. But if you just realize he’s there, he’s one of the most unlikely choices - none of us would have chosen Donald Trump years ago to do what God is doing. I would have chosen a man of humility. I would have chosen a man with a nice oral background. I would have chosen somebody that knew the Bible and theology well, and that just was a wise leader in a biblical sense, in a spiritual sense. But God knew what we needed. If we can just keep the political thing off us and keep our eyes focused on what God is doing, and don’t get caught up in the personality thing and just let God keep using him. But shortly after 2020 - because we are coming in to now what this dream has instructed me to do. The man says: I dreamed last night that you and a small group of us were invited to see President Trump in the Oval Office. On arrival after some small talk President Trump, very much in humility, began to thank you for your leadership and for the Appeal to Heaven prayer movement. He then presented to you an Appeal to Heaven flag that he had signed - (which to me is not an autograph, it’s an endorsement of prayer and the prayer movement. It’s the highest office in the land saying this is what we must have, just like Washington said.) He then requested of you to organize a high level strategic prayer task force. He told you he would be releasing directly to you significant issues for prayer. He also said he received this prophetic instruction from a very trusted voice, his wife Melania. At that time I presented him a gift. (I’m going to skip that part.) He then asked if he could pray for all of us. (Isn’t that interesting?) And in his prayer he said Lord let this man and these leaders convene a holy convocation, that I might finish my eight years well, and the ancient markers of our Founding Fathers be restored. (That holy convocation is going to take place in October in Middletown Ohio…) He then presented to you a pager and said when you see the number 2222 - (now those of you who don’t know much about me - you might not know that is really the number God uses with me. ISA 22:22. He’s done that for probably close to 30 years. I’m excited to say on this trip i’m staying in hotel room 2222. I don’t know how these ladies pull this off.) He said when you see the number 2222 always answer your phone even though there will be no caller id. Because I will be sending you specific prayer requests for the nation. The reason I read that, is because we are in the year when that holy convocation is going to happen. It’s not about Trump and it’s not about Republicans. It’s about the ancient markers.

[Dream / vision 3] Let me read you another dream about 2020. Some of you were at the turnaround gathering in Washington DC a couple years ago and you heard a great dream that ended with an angel announcing that America shall be saved. This vision is given to that same lady. I suddenly was taken into a vision and saw you climbing a large, thick rope. You were wearing a letterman or varsity jacket, similar to those worn (back in the good ‘ole days. And you’d sow your school letter on there.) But this one had a K on it which stood for Kingdom. And the varsity is significant, because she said the interpretation of that was maturity. This whole thing referred to the prayer movement - what God has done with the Appeal to Heaven army, that there is a mature varsity team now who is able to do what He needs done in this nation. The rope you were climbing was very long. It had several knots tied in it. I noticed the knots were strategically placed for your climb. For it was at each of these knots where you would begin to look very tired and almost at the point of being unable to continue. But exactly at those points there would be one of these huge knots, giving you a point of rest, a reprieve. There you were able to get a fresh grip on the rope, and the second wind to continue to climb. I noticed that there were numbers on the knots. This is so fascinating to me because I’m sure she just - I mean she trusts her gift now, but to really have enough confidence to believe that these numbers given were really specifically given by the Lord is pretty amazing to me - because she said on the knots in the vision were numbers, and the numbers were years. One was 1978, the next was 1985, another was 1995, another was 2004, another 2008, another 2010, then 2016, and then lastly 2019. I don’t know the exact significance of these specific years, but whether known or unknown by you, I felt it was at some point during those years that God had done something major and timely in or for you that was for the purpose of strengthening and empowering you to continue the climb. And I know what every one of those years represents. Chuck interestingly, one of those years is the year we finished the 50 state tour. But at the top of the rope was a large bell. It looked like the Liberty Bell. Written on the bell was “The United States of America” and “2020” was written beneath those words. Everybody say it’s time. It’s time. I’ve been on this journey for 40 years. Those dates started in 1978, 42 years ago. I sure am glad the top of that rope said 2020, not 2030. Of course, everybody say he’s not dying this year - it’s not over. Nearing the top of the rope you made a huge stretch. (That’s what we are going to do this year, aren’t we?) And with all you had in you, you reached for the string that was attached to the clapper of the bell. And just barely reaching it - (that’s kind of the way I feel right now) barely reaching it, you took the string with your fingertips and you rang the bell. Now keep in mind this is about all of us. Most of the dreams God gives to me or others for me, the “me” is what I represent - it’s the prayer movement, the prayer army - it’s who we are, the Appeal to Heaven movement. And I know I’m a part of that and a leader in it, but I also know it’s not just about me. Though it seemed like barely rang it, the sound that came out was deafening. I could see sound waves going out from there (she could see them - not just hear them) like ripples of water, when a stone is dropped into a lake. Then it was as if I was zoomed out (and her view widened) just in time to see that the “sound waves” from that ringing bell were swiftly traveling all across the USA and causing a “movement” in the land. Not an earthquake, but a literal, tangible movement. As this happened I saw people running out of their houses, places of business, stores, mall, high rises, churches, schools, colleges, barns, statehouses. Young and old, rich and poor. They were not focused on each other at all - they were very aware of the movement. They were all looking up to see the sound. They could hear it and they could see it. I then heard a voice from heaven saying, “I’ve gotten your attention. America, you have been saved by the bell!” Say it: saved by the bell! Say it! Saved by the bell!

[Dream 4] Here is one about sound - sent 3-4 weeks ago. In the dream I was sitting in a car between 2 people. He is a young generation like a 30-ish - and the people on either side were the next older generation. I love the diversity in this dream - generationally, ethically, gift wise - one was a prophet, one was apostle, one was white, one was black. 2 were older, one was younger. So there was a lot of symbolism in the dream. By the way, the movements they represented - because he knew these people - different streams, but all together. As they were riding, one of the leaders looked across at the others and said to them, “Going forward, in order to be victorious, the Church needs to have the same frequency as the evergreen tree.” A part of the Appeal to Heaven revelation is the evergreen - which goes all the way back to Abraham. And of course it was on the flag, Appeal to Heaven, and it represents covenant. It represents a couple things to me - it represents the fact that God is moving us a nation back into covenant with him. And that doesn’t start with unbelievers. So don’t judge it by what you see happening in the world. Judge it by what you see in the ekklesia. And also the moving of the nation back toward our covenantal roots. I thought it was significant that Chuck started talking about the reestablishing of Jerusalem as the Capitol. Because this whole Appeal to Heaven message, and the Appeal to Heaven, and the flag and the evergreen goes all the way back to Abraham Genesis 21:33. So if we are going to have to have the frequency of the evergreen, to me that’s the frequency of covenant. Beyond that - don’t have time for teaching on covenant - let’s just say there is a sound coming from this movement that is pleasing to heaven. And He is saying to us this is the sound that has gotten my attention, and that you must have it if you are going to be victorious in this season. And then in the dream when this young man, when he hears it he looks down the street and there is a grove of evergreens. And he says I think this is about that revelation God gave Dutch, so I know it is the Appeal to Heaven revelation. There is a new sound about to be released through the ekklesia. I don’t know that it is going to be so much new in the sense of things we have never said or done, I think it’s going to be new in the sense of volume. And it’s going to be new in the sense of an apostolic-prophetic revelatory voice of the Lord that is about to be released through a church, ekklesia movement, ringing the bell of covenant, because we have recovered our voice. We have recovered our voice!

[Dream 5] One more dream I feel like gives us a picture of what’s coming - this is also from Gina Goldsten - the “Saved by the Bell” vision and “America Shall be Saved” dream. I thank God for these dreamers God has put in my life. This dream came a couple weeks ago. I dreamed I was on the ground of the Red River Meeting House in Russellville KY. So the Red River Meeting House is where a move of God took place in the early 1800s. And out from that - let me give you a quick history - not details, but big picture. First Great Awakening 1700s - saved this nation. Birthed this nation. Saved the movement, birthed the nation. Then this revival, Red River Meeting House impacted the nation greatly. And it was a result, probably, of what took place in the First Great Awakening. But out of the Red River Meeting House eventually came the Cane Ridge Revival. And those birthed the Second Great Awakening, which also saved America, in the mid-to late1800s. Then came Azusa. Then came the Welsh Revival - though it didn’t happen in America - it was a result of those - and it’s mentioned in the dream - the Welsh Revival in early 1900s, shortly after Azusa. I dreamed I was on the ground of the Red River Meeting House in Russellville KY. I had gone through the gate, walking up the drive toward teh meeting house. In front of me, in the dip as you go toward the building, I saw 100 bald eagles. It’s fascinating - the place we bought in SC is on a lake, and a day or two after this we started noticing an eagle hanging out over our place - just a coincidence, I’m sure. I was captivated by the sight of all the eagles. Then hearing a noise behind me I turned and saw one of those older well-drilling rigs coming through the gate toward the meeting house. It stopped about half way up the driveway, backed up toward the meeting house, stopped at the walnut trees, then began to drill. No sooner had the bit been set when water began to gush in very high, massive amounts. (That would be the re-drilling of the wells of revival.) In the dream she had the thought - looks like Old Faithful. I’ve seen that geyser and it made me think of that, only this one was much, much larger. I was thinking about how Od Faithful is very predicable - (in other words it happens on time, at a pre-determined time, at the right time. It’s predictable and gushes forth in a rhythm of time.) I heard an audible voice speaking about this geyser in from of me that was now gushing forth. “It is set on the rhythm of heaven’s time clock. It’s time.” (Everybody say “It’s time.” Say it again.) I understood that to mean it has blown before, a gushing move of the Spirit of God, but it’s set for another, greater gusher. And it’s time. Next I saw two hands come down and clap once. The clap made a very loud sound, and when it came it was a signal to the eagles. When they heard the clap the eagles rose up, and hovered, ready to fly. They weren’t scared by the noise of the clap or the rush of gushing waters. They just simultaneously rose and calmly hovered. When they rose up I saw that each eagle had in one of their talons, arrows. And in the other talon they had rolled up paper. When they rose up hovering I then heard the audible voice which said, “rapid eye movement. My seers are on the move.” (Rapid eye movement. My seers are on the move.) As soon as I heard those words the eagles flew off in every direction, each heading purposefully in the direction they were sent to carry out their own assignment. As they let the Red River Meeting House area they each flew through the gushing water, getting the water all over them, and then they carried it. (They were carriers of it because they were flying but drenched with it.) The water never dried off them, and wherever they went the water would fall off them like a rain shower over the dry ground that they flew over. The water was still gushing - (I wish I could have a dream like this sometime - I’d probably wake up and think I was the greatest prophet in the whole world. At least I get to read it.) I too, was soaked with it. I went into the meeting house and inside it was like a command center. She said there were 7 drafting tables set up with architects sitting at them, drawing up blueprints, plans. People were coming in, one after the other, stoked in the water from the gusher. Each person would approach one of the architects who was drawing up the blueprints. The architects would tear off the blueprint, roll it up, hand it to the person who had come in. It is hard to explain, but immediately after rolling up one page the architects would very rapidly have another one ready, and they would roll it up and hand it to the next soaked person coming in. (How many soaked people do we have in the room?) I was amazed at the speed that they could work. Draw it, roll it up, hand it off. Draw it, roll it up, hand it off. This was happening over and over, very, very quickly. Then she saw a system of pipes that pictured to her almost like hi-tech internet speed system that these people would disappear into and they would be sent all over the nation into the north, south, east, west, southwest, southeast, northeast - until all over the nation they went. Wherever the nation or world they were sent, as soon as they got in the pipes, they instantly arrived at their destinations with the blueprints, the strategies. Somebody said it up here. With the strategies, with the blueprints, soaked with the water that had gotten all over them from the gushing well. And it rained off them everywhere they went, just like it did off the eagles. Then I heard the same audible voice saying “rapid response teams.” Up on the wall was a sign that said “rapid response command center.” Then the dream shifted - suddenly somehow I knew what was happening, the re-digging and all I saw there was also happening at Cane Ridge. (And it was happening again at Azusa -Pentecost, the outpouring of Spirit in CA . They were all being re-dug, water was spewing. This was all happening in all of them.) I was then lifted up and I saw the drawing of a line connecting Cane Ridge and Red River Meeting House. Then two lines going to Azusa, and together they formed what looked like the head of a spear. Then I saw a line go from that head all the way to Wales. And it formed the shaft of the spear. (Four moves of God, re-gushing, forming a spear.) I knew that they were all connected, and that what I saw happening at one was happening at all of them. And that all of these past moves of God were now being brought together to spearhead another greater and more powerful move of God in our time. We are moving into a year that I’ve been calling “the hinge of history.” Everything God has been doing for the last 30, 40 years has been moving us toward this. He doesn't want to do this just because we have asked. We have been inspired to ask because He wants to do it. And we’ve been saying it, haven’t we? The greatest outpouring in the history of the world, the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, is about to take place. This year is the hinge. We swing into it. And I feel like it’s pretty incredible that we are here now, and God has said “You have your backbone now. You have your voice now. America is going to be saved by the bell. And you’ve reclaimed your voice.” We have, haven’t we? And it’s time. All the great moves of God in history are about to come together in one great move of Holy Spirit. He’s about to take his spear and deal with his enemies and release this revival. Lord, I say in the name of Jesus we are here for such a time as this, to announce that that which used to be a dark serpent is now a backbone of strength! And we’ve had our surgery, and we have been worked on, Lord, and we are now in recovery, and we are moving toward full release! We are going to go all the way to DC, but from there we are going to all the way to the West, and all the way to the South, and all the way to the East, until we have circled this nation with this great outpouring of Holy Spirit. And the wells of revival are being released again! And the eagles are about to be released! And the rain is coming! And the wind is blowing! And the fire is going to burn!

Chuck: I brought a mantle I had done as we crossed into 2020. And it’s filled with clocks because the Lord said we have entered His time. [Chuck mantles Dutch. Shatece rings bell.] Ken, you come up. Susie, you and Anne come up. I brought three of these. It’s time. Look at someone and say it’s time. When you are at the right time at right place, all of a sudden - heaven and earth meet and we can grab hold of God like never before. [Mantles Ken.] Father, we say tonight it’s your perfect time. Lord, we say these that have paved the way for us to be here, Lord, we honor them. We say there is a new mantle for the Carolinas. [Mantles Anne and Susie.] Lord, we say there is a new mantle for Embassy of Zion. Father, we say this is the beginning of new types of gatherings. This is the beginning of awakening gatherings! Revival gatherings! Re-alignment gatherings! Father, thank you that this remnant here have connected and caused your voice, and a greater sound from the Carolinas will now go out throughout the entire nation! Let’s give a shout up into heaven! Now I want you to put your hand on someone and decree over them they are in God’s perfect moment, the perfect moment of change! Sons and daughters are coming back! The hand of God is beginning to move! The Government of God is rising up! We decree from the Carolinas that the greater sound is now going forth to this land! Give a shout one more time! Let’s worship! You’ll look back on this day and it will be the day of change, where things started shifting. You’ll see it on that coronavirus. You’ll see it in this nation. You’ll hear of it, that because they gathered in Charlotte, the Queen City, all of a sudden the Crown of God comes down on this land again! Now I take the authority of my name Charles Daniel and I’ll say the man of God and the godly kingdom people came together in the Carolinas and shifted an entire nation! Let’s give a shout! All Singing: Never Lost a Battle…

Chuck Pierce: Tell 3 people - triumph is in this place tonight! This nation is reforming. This was the cradle of the formation. We decree now the re[1]forming power of God is being unlocked from the Carolinas! Father, your Spirit is here. Father, the next move of God is here. Father, your people are here. Father, I decree every sound that has been lost or locked up when it came on the land called the Carolinas will now be unlocked and sweep across this land, North, South, West, and East! Shout it!

All Singing: Never Lost a Battle… Bell Sounds! This place has been chosen for the convening voice of our future, in this land, for freedom. Freedom comes from the voice. We say right now the spirit of freedom will now rest on Charlotte, NC! Let us hear that bell again! Bell Sounds! Decree it back to every place you are from! We send you [Ken and Team] to Washington DC! We say freedom now rests on the Carolinas! No division, no schism! Now let’s thank God one more time for Susie and Anne drawing us together.

Susie Zeigler: We want to bless these men of God who come to minister, and the team who has come to minister to us. You want to give something prophetic, right? But what we really want to give is a blessing. We learned from Chuck that twenty is linked with the hand. So this is the year of the double hand. Double portion. The first thing we want to do is everybody stretch out your hands toward them and the worship team - all these ministers - we want to bless you with the strength of the hand of the Lord on your back everywhere you go, to strengthen your backbone. We decree that over these leaders but also your Body - that a double portion of your hand is on our backs, on our backs. [Shows the gift, a double hands sculpture.] Anne Romanello: It’s a double portion here in the Carolinas of the roar of His Spirit, and of harvest and evangelism! These hands are like this [cupped open, together lifted up.] We lift our hands like that and say Lord, we choose to be used! I ask you to grab the hand of someone next to you - now it’s a double portion - two hands and two hands. So much more we do together! We say to these precious leaders how we love and esteem you, and we join our hands with you, and we bless you, in the name of Jesus!

Chuck Pierce: Put your hand on someone else’s back and say we can’t back up now. Say double portion strength! No spirit of infirmity!

Dutch Sheets: Let me say one more thing. I gave you a lot of information very quickly, but how many of you remember in the dream about the Red River and the wells and the eagles, and the next great outpouring? What came from heaven and released it all? Two hands that clapped! Now I didn’t know 20 was the year of the hand and the double hand, 2020 clapping, but the Lord knew it! I tell you what - He put in their heart to do this at the very end as one more confirmation. We are in the year of the double clap of the Lord over this nation!

Chuck Pierce: Wow! Give a shout! All Singing: Never Lost a Battle! All Singing: Exalted Here!

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