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The Carolinas will become the Gate of America

Complied by Embassy of Zion

Territorial REVELATION: Each month we watch over some portion of the revelation, which Holy Spirit is highlighting, regarding the greater Carolinas/ 13 Colonies region.

Chuck Pierce prophesied in Charlotte (9/5/17):

Chuck: I don’t know what this means because this doesn’t happen to me very often. But all of the sudden, I saw the veil that had been over the worship in the Carolinas. And all of the sudden the Lord said I am lifting the veil now. All of a sudden you had the opportunity to move. One of Carolinas’ redemptive qualities is taking their stand for freedom. And some way or another you lost that redemptive call in the call of Kingdom expression. And the Lord said I am lifting the veil. You are going to be able to move and have freedom in My Spirit. You are going to be able to see interaction between heaven and earth. I am going to cause you to see me move in these lands. LeAnn Sings: It will be spoken of far and wide, far and wide, how the fire fell, how the fire fell. It will be spoken of far and wide how the fire fell, how the fire fell. It fell upon this flinty rock, this flinty rock, it fell upon this flinty rock of your resolve, how the fire fell. Chuck: I say to you, the separation of class and race and gender and religious divisions has caused a veil to come upon you. But I say tonight you have gathered in a way that is causing that veil to lift, on this land. I say now the land will see. And I will send envoys from China, and they will say, what is this in these lands called Carolina? How did they overcome that which tried to stop them in the past? How did they prosper in the midst of drought? I say to you, envoys are coming. And I say Russia will say, we must be concerned from the voice arising in the Carolinas. And I say to you, I am causing a voice to arise that will send forth the word to change a nation from these lands. I say to you, tonight, I have lifted a veil and things will change with acceleration.

Chuck Pierce prophesied on September 24, 2021 at a meeting in Basking Ridge, NJ: We will start hearing of earthquakes. Write down when you hear of where it is when you hear because that means that root structure has jarred loose layers that have tried to cover over the move of God.

Chuck Pierce prophesied in Columbia (3/11/19):

And the sound that comes from this move of God will begin to unlock and bring in people from every walk, whether it’s low land or high land, wherever it might be. This move of God, starting tonight, is raising up an army that will not be stopped by religion! And government must shift, because the Government of God is being restored!

And the Lord says today and tonight there is a divine reversal happening in the atmosphere! There’s a reversal between heaven and earth! There's a reversal of the springing up of the well of God! There’s a reversal of the fire of God! There’s a reversal of fire coming back to the altar of God in the Carolinas! And He says I have gathered an Embassy that I can begin to cause my glory to be worn in every place their feet go. They will recreate the order of breakthrough in this land!

The Carolinas will become the Gate of America. So that says there’s a new honor, there’s a new glory, there’s a new dignity, there’s a new majesty, there’s a new perfection in your promises that God is bringing.

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