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The Holy City!!-A vision

A Word from Beth Salter

During worship night last night at our house I was seeing glowing, multicolored (like pearlescent with pastel types of colors) huge Kingdom cathedral double doors come down from heaven to Charleston and begin to open. The doors were made of many large gemstones- bezel set with metal settings. Light shines through both ways. The gems are like little bubbles of lit up colors like the picture below. It’s different than the gold metal Kingdom gates I always see floating way over the harbor near the bridge the last few years.

I have seen those open for awhile and flowing with the Living River as of last year.

I got the impression of a soon-to-arrive huge kingdom cathedral - like seeing the blueprint attached to the doors in a clear / see through outline that will sit in downtown Charleston. My impression was it is like the Church of Charleston being established together in a new Kingdom structure, all built with Kingdom materials

The Holy City!!

Visual aids

Bezel set stones: Gothic cathedral style doors

( like this but as double doors )

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